Friday, August 7, 2009

Switchin' It Up

Hi Friends and Followers,

This is a picture of me and Violet on a recent (and infrequent - thank goodness) asphalt jungle shopping spree.

Kinda gives me the feeling of having one foot out the door. Appropriate here because with the help of my friend Jay Elling of Umbrella I have been able to reconfigure my web presence and make travel between my blog, shop and regular site a little more seamless.

What this means to you is that my blog is relocating to This is the last post you will see here at Blogspot. The most difficult thing about making the switch for me was the risk of losing my trusty followers. Jay and I are working on making it possible to follow me at my new blog location. In the meantime I hope you come see and check back often.

Thanks for all your input here and I look forward to showing you around a bit more at my new digs.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Book Release Party!

Hard to believe that my book is actually complete and soon to be out in bookstores nationwide! We will be hosting a Book Release Party in the studio on August 27th from 6-9pm. There will be snacks and drinks, a crafting table and live music.
At 7:30 all the items featured in the book will be auctioned off with a live auction with our local celebrity auctioneer, Cheryl Hutto.
Auction items will be posted online for off-site bidders who want to participate.

The evening promises high-jinx for all!