Friday, August 29, 2008

Physicality - Getting Back into running

Ever since I got married and had two BEAUTIFUL kids in quick succession I have lost the sense of physical confidence I carried with me before these truly lovely blessings fell upon me.

In the spirit of wanting it all, I have committed to myself to make that happen.
In a way that I hope is not construed as vain, there is a certain power one holds when they feel like they look good. For me it seems to have most to do in spending the time it takes to keep my body healthy, pushing hard to run further a little bit quicker.

So there, this subject is one that consumes a lot of my headspace.
It is clear that I need the self commitment to run daily.
Just ordered new running shoes - Check them out

Yesterday I ran through a brook and was reminded how having wet feet does not make the rest of your run miserable. I had on Thorlo's.
It will be nice to supplement the running shoes I have had since before Lucy was born with an alternate.
Back in the saddle.
For some reason it is really hard for me to kick my own ass into gear. Actually I think it is more about finding time, a place, and a schedule that works.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Late Summer Weekend

On Sunday Chris and the girls and I found our way to the 140th annual Cummington Fair. It was a magical experience of family and animals, food, rides, great friends, and history. We met up with our dear friends Beth-Marie and Digger and their little girl Cleome. They were there with Stewey, another amazing person from the Berkshires.
We ran into Chris' friend Pat Cachet who has worked at the fair for 30 years in the "pull pit". The draft horses were competing and were amazing to see. Drivers ranged in age from teens to old-timers. What a nice life to lead in these times of break-neck speed and too much technology!

The girls loved it all.

More fun on the weekend!

Last Saturday, August 23, I participated in the 25th anniversary Country Fair for Storey Publishing at their North Adams digs. It was a lovely day, contra dancing, a petting zoo, and lots of super cool demonstrations and lectures by a gamut of inspired and inspiring authors. I wish I had taken pictures! We made flowers. Later I was graciously invited to join the festivities at Jae's Inn, also in North Adams, for the most lovely - on all levels - banquet I have seen. (This is coming to you from a former Banquet waitress.) The crowd was friendly and connected to each other, interested and interesting and welcoming. The food was impeccable, the drinks flowed, gifts were lavishly gifted, speeches were personal and informative. The evening was a hit. I got to attend as an AUTHOR - as I am finishing up my very first manuscript on a book of teaching my craft using recycled sweaters to create clothing, stuffed toys, blankets and more. It is due out in Fall 2009.
I am open to suggestion on names for the upcoming book. . . .
Let me know if you have ideas!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Giant Tag Sale this weekend

We are having a GIANT tag sale this weekend. Lots of furniture, kids stuff, and studio fixtures as well as a treasure trove of weird stuff including some Crispina product found hiding around the studio.
We are cleaning house/studio and so are our friends Chapin, Eric and Sofie so there are lots of cool things no matter who you are. Come by and shop from 9-3 both Saturday and Sunday. The address is 40 Melville Street in the heart of Pittsfield, right next door to the Boys and Girls Club.